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NAKD SEOUL Diaries #3 : Good Bye 2021.

Happy Holidays from NAKD SEOUL! What a long year this has been for all of us. Launching a global e-commerce service during times when global logistics were at breaking levels of stress = smart idea.

The early warehouse of NAKD SEOUL

We started our business in a tiny desk – barely big enough for two people. We sent all your packages, manually hand packing these in the post office. The post office people probably thought we were crazy, packing 30 boxes on site at a very busy branch. We received numerous complaints from other people sharing our office floor, telling us that our boxes were invading their space. We obviously had no clue on how to do e-commerce going in.

Just another day at the old office.

What we did know is that good products last, sincerity follows through, and people appreciate transparency. We focused on expanding our catalogue with products that we cared about, and improving our customer service. With faster delivery times through a very trusty shipment provider and vastly lower prices (although we’ll say they are still high and we want to fix that), we were able to lower the barrier to entry for buying internationally. Plus we made some dope ass t-shirts with the Korean visual artist Paul Rho, presenting his own unique view and vision of Seoul.

The NAKD SEOUL x Paul Rho T-shirts on two lonely men looking at the sea.

Speaking of Paul, we’ve met with so many great local Korean artists and craftsmen along the way thanks to us running this business. While not all of them made it to the NAKD SEOUL website, we did come to appreciate all the talented people that this city has to offer. So much creativity and talent hidden away – and we’ve been hacking away with NAKD SEOUL trying to change that for the better.

Danny suffered a mental breakdown shortly after this meeting.

During the last quarter of 2021, we’ve been focused on creating a more helpful user experience at NAKD SEOUL. We’ve launched NAKD ASK last month, a Quora-esque service where our team of locals as well as helpful user contributors answer your questions about Korea, 100% free. We’ve already had about 100 questions asked / answered the past few weeks, and what’s more promising is that we have regular users outside of our team giving out quality answers too! We are really happy that a community is building. We hope you are enjoying the service as well.

We’ll still be sending you packages on time(we’re keeping our fingers crossed UPS).

We can’t wait to go into 2022, and realize all the things we have in store for you. We’ll implement a token system for the NAKD ASK in the first half of the year, giving you rewards for contributing to the community, and then letting you use those rewards in our Shop. Furthermore, we have 6 different items in the NAKD clothing line up, 2 of them are going to be unveiled this Friday, and the next 4 in the coming months.

Lastly, thank you NAKD Fam (that means you) for an amazing year we’ve had. You’ve kept us alive and gave us so much great feedback on guiding our journey through e-commerce land. We couldn’t have done it without you. Happy Holidays. Good night.


Thank you everyone!

Use the code nakdholidays to get 10% off your next purchase at NAKD SEOUL. It’s our holiday gift. Expires at the end of 2021.

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