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Leather Bracelets Worn By Kpop Idols

Hello there NAKD fam.

We have an exciting new product line on NAKD SEOUL – CCN Made Bracelets! And we are giving away FOUR of these products away to FOUR lucky winners – anyone who makes a total order over $100 between Aug. 18 ~ Aug. 26 gets an automatic entry.

CCN Made is the brand of choice for many, many Kpop idols and celebrities when it comes to leather bracelets.

However, don’t think of this as just a simple trendy brand – the workshop and it’s owner Choi Changnam (the brand name CCN are his initials) have been making leather bracelets for over TWO DECADES. What was once a small little workshop has expanded to five different locations in Seoul.

Among those five, three are located in the Sinsa / Apgujeong area, a neighborhood full of entertainment management companies and Kpop labels, so it’s no surprise why it became the brand of choice for celebs.

The rules for the giveaway are very simple. Just make a purchase at NAKD SEOUL of over $100 between Aug. 18 ~ Aug. 26, and we will include the bracelets in the packages of four lucky winners for orders between that time. *The bracelets that are being sent to winners may have signs of it being opened – they have been worn just once, for our NAKD INSIDE livestream.

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  • I’ve ordered from you all previously with no problem. I am trying to place an order and it is not allowing me to select shipping for my address. Thus it is preventing me from purchasing the items. Do you all no longer ship to Georgia in the USA? Thank you!

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