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Points Dashboard

What is NAKD Points? It’s our way of giving back to users who contribute to the community. Read up on it here.




Level 1


Level 2

1% Discount off of all NAKD SEOUL Products & 200 NAKD Points

  • Reach a balance greater or equal to 2000 NAKD Points

Level 3

2% Discount off of all NAKD SEOUL Products & 800 NAKD Points

  1. Earn 10000 NAKD Points

Level 4

3% Discount off of all NAKD SEOUL Products & 2000 NAKD Points

  • Earn 100000 NAKD Points

Level 5

4% Discount off of all NAKD SEOUL Products & 5000 NAKD Points

  1. Earn 200000 NAKD Points

You have

0 NAKD Points


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For each friend you invite, we will give you 5% of total sales made on your friend’s first order, in NAKD Points. Get started now, by sharing your referral link with your friends.


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