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NAKD SEOUL Diaries #2: The art of shipping

If someone told me that running this start-up was 90% shipping boxes, I would’ve been thrilled… not really. Getting excited over packaging boxes is an acquired taste. It’s something that I’ve managed to pick up the past 2 months as the CEO of NAKD SEOUL and its courier-in-chief.

CEO / Courier-in-Chief Danny Kim

So far NAKD SEOUL has been doing all the shipping manually. We figured since we are a start-up with manageable order sizes, we don’t need a fulfilment service just yet. While I can say not many on the team have been enjoying the manual labor, I think we all grew some kind of deeper connection with our customers in the process.

Look at these happy faces!

We carefully put each item in their boxes by hand, along with a letter and some goodies, double and triple check the packages and then lug them to the post office people. By that point we’ve already memorized the names of our customers and if they are a frequent patron. It’s kinda endearing to check among ourselves if Josh’s package has arrived or not. It has a sense of community ya know?

We put a lot of care into each item.

I think the best part about sending NAKD SEOUL products ourselves is to see the reactions from those who receive them. We get tons of DM’s of people sending us their pictures of the packages, and it all makes the hard work worth it! It definitely makes us feel like we’ve delivered something good, more authentic, and with our hands 🙂 I especially liked this video review on Youtube.

Of course due to our ever increasing demands and exponential growth(the latter we’re waiting for), we cannot continue shipping manually by ourselves anymore. We’ve decided to get a fulfillment service. What does this mean for you?


I will miss you, manual shipping.

It means we’ll have a professional logistics company handle all the shipping needed, and the NAKD SEOUL Team will be able to focus on the more creative and business sides of our services. Plus the end-user, YOU, will have a 10~20% cheaper shipping, with much faster speeds. A win-win for all of us right?

Be on the lookout, we’ll make an official announcement of the new shipping policies hopefully in a week or less. Don’t worry if you are holding back on the purchase of an item because of this news, we will be handing out coupons to compensate for paying more for shipping.

The end of an era.

Now, before we say goodbye to the manual shipping era at NAKD SEOUL, I do have to question the decision whoever made to use MY HOUSE as a warehouse for 560 Bonajour products… Thank you for being so considerate.

One more reason to move offices! (Look forward to that in July)
The master of NAKD SEOUL

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