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Bringing you some delicious Tteok-bokki

We are delighted to announce that we are working with Yopokki to bring delicious Topokki to NAKD SEOUL! And, we have them at the lowest price available on the Internet!

Topokki (also spelt tteokbokki), is a popular Korean street food and the ultimate comfort snack. The literal translation is ‘stir-fried rice cake’, usually cooked in red hot spicy sauce. 

Classic topokki

There are many variations of it however, such as a soy-based one, black bean sauce, curry or cheesy/buttery versions of topokki.

Black bean topokki
Curry rapokki

Yopokki has made it easy for you try out topokki by putting all the ingredients into one convenient cup or kit! All you need to do it prepare it, and that just involves boiling some water and putting the cup in the microwave. It really is that simple.

It really couldn’t get any easier than this; so simple, convenient and on-the-go!

It’s oh-so delicious

And we have teamed up with Yoppoki, to give away 30 sets of delicious topokki products to our customers! 

Each set will contain 4 random Yoppoki products, ranging from topokki cups to to rapokki (topokki with noodles). 

The rules for entry are: 

1.Follow Nakd Seoul on Instagram and YouTube

2.Tag a friend on our Instagram post about who you would want you to share it with!

3.Share the post on your stories/on your feed and you will have a higher chance of getting selected 🙂

We’ll be accpeting entries until 26th August and contacting the winners via DM to send you the products! Bon appetit~

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