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Finding beauty in the everyday life of Seoul

NAKD SEOUL Artist Collection no. 1: NAKD SEOUL x Paul Rho

NAKD SEOUL is about much more than just selling Hallyu products. We want to share the stories of people and experiences that intrigue us, that are true to what living in Seoul is really like. Hence the NAKD SEOUL Artist Collection was born. We are collaborating with our favorite artists of Seoul showcasing their art in various forms, centering around the theme of giving you the sensation of being here without being here.

[NAKD SEOUL x Paul Rho] Seoulite T-shirts were born from this picture.

Paul Rho’s vision on art is simple: discover beauty in the ordinary. As a Korean visual artist that has mostly lived overseas in London and New York City, he is relatively new to Seoul. While this may be a hindrance to some artists, this has allowed Paul to find uniqueness in Seoul that we long-time native Seoulites may have never discovered.

Paul Rho

We set out to ask Paul to take some photos for us. We wanted something that would capture the everyday life of Seoul, represented by simple objects. Paul set out his journey in the Jongno and Eulji-ro area, the district in the heart of the city, finding life in the small ordinary things.

Barbershops, a dying breed.

These beautiful photos really do capture the special from the ordinary. As Koreans we pass by these little things every single day of our lives, but never really take the time to appreciate the details, shapes and the memories behind them.

We also want to ask, how do these photos make you feel? Are they foreign? Cozy?

Even with the same simple picture of a pot or a table and plastic chairs, we all feel different about them. Some may remind them of that exact moment they sat on a chair like this, for some it may be the most foreign object they’ve ever seen. Perhaps that is the beauty of these simple photographs that Paul Rho presents to us. The beauty and meaning lies not within the object itself but what memories and emotions we connect it with.

We set out to make a set of T-shirts that shared the artwork of one of our favorite artists in Seoul. Now we’re finishing it off wondering where beauty comes from. That’s deep bro.

You can ponder everyday about the meaning of beauty, and also take a slice of Seoul with you with our [NAKD SEOUL x Paul Rho] Seoulite T-shirts. What do the photos mean to you?

Take a look at all of Paul’s photos here:

Paul Rho is a contemporary visual artist who mainly works with photography. He was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in London, UK. Paul focuses on using photography as a tool to expand its boundary. The work varies from straight documentary to photo-sculptures. He is currently working in New York and Seoul.

The master of NAKD SEOUL

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