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NAKD SEOUL Diaries #1 (help)

What a roller coaster of emotions last week has been. From the excited NAKD SEOUL article of anticipating BTS at the Grammys to many being disappointed or angered with the end result, we were all on a ride. However, nothing tops the thrills and scares of starting a new business, which through NAKD SEOUL occurred two weeks ago.

Having 0 Won in the balance is not fun.

While we started out with a grandiose mission statement, we’ve been scrambling behind the scenes. Busy trying to create content, busy trying to do maintenance on the website, many last-minute decisions being made on the fly. That’s the spirit of a start up right? (please help me, god). Thankfully, I’m proud to say that the first batch of products has now been sent.

Due to the RIU & VIU shoes being handmade and also us trying to refine the unboxing experience, I have been in a frenzy. Having no car in Seoul is not a problem thanks to its superb public transport, but having no car and trying to ship boxes? Just put me down already.

To top it all off I made the rookie mistake of not utilizing the post office’s online shipment service, instead resorting to label all post info with my own handwriting. After two grueling hours of writing down addresses, I was done. My body was telling me that I was done too. As Steven Yeon said in Minari, “한국 사람은 머리를 써야해”(Us Koreans need to use our smarts.)

I’m very excited to see your reactions when you receive your shoes and socks. For those of you who have yet to receive a delivery code – please wait a little more, these shoes are 100% handmade, and we will ship them as soon as they are complete. Also to those who are looking for something else than shoes – we have a new coat line in store! We’re also in discussions with numerous quality brands on them joining the NAKD SEOUL curation list, so please be on the lookout for more products (we’re looking for products priced in the lower range this time).

That’s a wrap! We hope you are enjoying NAKD SEOUL so far, hope to see you around here soon.

The master of NAKD SEOUL

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