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BTS at the Grammys: WE ARE PROUD!

BTS creating another ‘first’ and making history is no longer a surprise to anyone. Regardless, them being nominated in the Grammys has brought excitement and expectations for ARMYs around the globe as well as the Korean people.

On March 14, this Sunday, BTS will become the first K-Pop artist to be perform a solo stage at the Grammys. Even bigger, they could become the first K-Pop artist to win a Grammy.  The band has been nominated for the Best Pop Duo / Group Performance category, and is expected to be a strong contender. They will also perform a song (or perhaps two), most likely Dynamite judging from the Grammy’s announcement.

Knocking on the Grammys was also not easy for BTS, even though they generated countless records including some amazing Billboard milestones. It all started three years ago when BTS started breaking down the wall of the world-renowned Grammy Awards step by step.

K-Town Road?

In 2019, BTS appeared in the Grammys as a presenter. It was a remarkable achievement that the K-pop boy group was given the honors to hand a prize in music’s biggest award show. Next year, they were finally able to show their performance on the collaboration stage, “Old Town Road (Lil Nas X)”(below). It was less than a minute, but their presence was impressive. Then finally in 2021, we’ve come to BTS having the stage solely to themselves, as well as them becoming a nominee for a Grammy. In celebration of this proud-to-be-Korean moment, we present you the THREE BEST STAGES of BTS in American music award shows.

1.Successful Debut: American Music Awards 2017 

Making BTS’s debut on the American stage, everything about it was perfect. Including their hairstyle, make-up, even their gesture, all the things perfectly matched with the concept and theme of ‘DNA’. The performance was LIVE, and their powerful choreography and singing got all the celebrities standing and dancing.

2.Fans and Cheers: Billboard Music Awards 2019

BTS’s flawless live performance and endless cheering made this stage more exciting. Anyone who watched the ‘Fake Love’ performance will understand the fan chants of “Fake Love” is a MUST. Korea was shocked to see American ARMYs singing along to the Korean lyrics. Nowadays we’re used to it, but back then it was definitely unexpected for all of us. (Also: Jungkook’s abs)

3.Breaking the boundary: MTV Video Music Awards 2020

Even without an audience, BTS’s performance remained energetic as ever. The VMAs was the first performance of ‘Dynamite’ to be released to the public. After the show, MTV also praised them “I am speechless after watching ‘Dynamite’ ”. The backdrop featured a changing cityscape of New York City and Seoul. BTS showed that they deliver, with a crowd or without, regardless of the situation.

With BTS being nominated at the 63rd Grammys, it has become much more than just a music award show. We in Korea are cheering them on as we do for our national team in the World Cup or the Olympics. With a win, this will not only be a historic day in Korean music history but Korean history, period. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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  • As many armys have said, in 2019 bts were invited to present an award, in 2020 they performed with lil nas x, and now they’re nominated and performing their own song. I really believe they’ll be nominated to more categories next year and have a good chance of winning!

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