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Who wants BTS concert tickets for this weekend?

BTS Las Vegas Concert Ticket Raffle Event (4 tix)! Missed out on last week’s BTS concerts in Las Vegas? Don’t worry we got you!

Starting today, we are giving away BTS tickets for the Permission to Dance on Stage Concert in Sin city Las Vegas! To enter, you must shop/buy at the NAKD SEOUL Store from now till 10AM(KST), 15/04/2022 to be eligible to win.

1) Buy any product(excluding T-money card) at https://bit.ly/3JEWtRz

2) Follow @nakdseoul on Instagram and DM us your receipts/order numbers.
1 item = 1 entry / 2 items = 2 entries / 3 items = 3 entries

3) Winners will be announced on @nakdseoul on IG and on @NAKD SEOUL  Youtube Channel – on April 15, 10:00 AM KST. The winner will also get a DM sending their ticket.

4) Tips to get a higher chance of winning!
If you buy any ‘Made by NAKD SEOUL’ items OR ‘Bonajour’ product you will get TWO entry points for each item in the category.

The tickets are for Saturday, April 16, 2022, @ 7:30 PM in Las Vegas (Allegiant Stadium) – Sec 208, Row 6, Seat 5-8*We have items now on limited-time sale during this spring season and supply is limited, so you better hurry quick!

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