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Unique anniversaries for Korean Couples to enjoy

If you have ever been in a relationship with someone, you probably have shared your personal stories and prepared gifts on special days. Although there are common days that are celebrated by couples all around the world such as Christmas and Valentine, there are also unique days that are only celebrated by certain cultures. In South Korea, there are a bit more anniversary days to celebrate among couples. 

A couple in Hanbok walking at a Korean traditional palace

Let’s assume you are a Korean Couple living in Korea.

A Korean D-day app

First, just like most of the couples in Korea, you will set a specific date as the day your couple became official. To make it simple, you can find various D-day apps that keep track of how long you guys have been dating, and these apps come with cute designs and content. Someone is one of the popular couple’s apps made in Korea. It provides a question of the day for the couples to answer, and as the day goes by, you get to watch your virtual couple’s pet grow!

Similarly, there are various Korean apps that alert you when a certain anniversary is imminent. One of the unique anniversaries Koreans celebrate is two-two day. When Korean date for 22 days, they will celebrate this anniversary. Compared to other anniversaries, two-two day is a light weighted anniversary, for it is mostly celebrated among teenagers. The next anniversary after two-two day is 100 days. Different from other countries, South Korean love birds like to put importance on the number of days they have been dating and they would exchange presents every 100 days.

Box-shaped letter

Similarly, there are various Korean apps that alert you when a certain anniversary is imminent. One of There are many ways to enjoy an anniversary in Korea. For example, couples would ask their friends for 100 won coin to celebrate their 100 days. For 500 days, couples would ask for 500 won coins. In modern days, couples order customized cakes, buy couple items such as the same color, branded shirts, shoes, and watches for each other.  Speaking of gifts, usually, girlfriends love receiving hand-written letters from their boyfriends, although boys are shy to do so.

A fancy resort in Seoul

To add a cherry on top, many Korean couples stay at least a night in a hotel for a short getaway or go to Hocance (호캉스), which is a combination word of Hotel and vacation. Some hotels and resorts are equipped with a well-built pool, so that couples could take beautiful pictures as well as swim. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of private pool/spa resorts in South Korea has increased, people can safely enjoy their vacation.

Home-baked Pocky or Pepero

Going back to the special anniversary in Korea, Korean couples also celebrate Pepero Day on November 11th, White Day on March 14th, Rose Day on May 14th, and Kiss Day on June 14th, and so on. On Pepero Day, lovers or friends exchange pocky or Pepero. Often, the number of pocky you receive indicates how popular you are. On November 11, almost every student is excited to see how many pocky they will receive. On White Day, boys give candy to girls, and girls give chocolate and candy to boys on the Valentine’s Day to express their love for others. Similarly, Rose Day and Kiss Day are designated for couples to exchange roses and to show love for each other. As written above, there are various days to enjoy for couples in Korea. Those days provide couples opportunities to confirm love and deepen their feelings, but the takeaway is the ways to express love for each other.

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