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What makes South Korean Golden Archers?

The Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony

The Olympics have finally come to an end! Every sports fan was busy catching up with games and news on the Tokyo Olympics. Today let’s talk about a particular sports category, which isn’t your everyday sport, Archery!

Team Korea – Archery

Historically, the South Korean archery team won 9 Olympics in a row since archery was introduced in Seoul 1988. Particularly, the women’s team earned gold medals at every Olympics after 1988 and showed their dominance to the world. However, the women’s team is not the only strong team. The Men’s team also demonstrated their skills by winning 6 team games out of 9 in total. Individually, each archer demonstrated their great abilities. In the Tokyo Olympics, An San, a Korean female archer, won her third gold medal – mixed team, women’s team, individual – and became the first archer with 3 medals in Olympic history. 

An San giving her gold medal to Charman Chung Eui-sun

So what allowed Korean to excel in archery? Of course each and every individual who was selected as the olympian had extraordinary abilities. However, Korean Archery Association plays a crucial role in selecting who should be in the next Olympics. Although some sports Associations hold inadequate traditions that certain people are selected due to their connections rather than their athletic abilities, the Korean Archery Association is known to have a transparent and just recruitment system. It selects Korean Olympians purely based on their archery skill. Essentially, one needs to be the best archer in Korea to participate in the Olympics. For this Olympics, team Korea for archery was re-selected to reflect any trivial ability changes from every candidate. 

Korea was also able to win multiple gold medals in a row due to their intense training. The Korean Archery Association is famous for providing archers harsh yet practical training. The Association would often place the archers in a loud baseball field to shoot to help manage concentration level and noise control ability. The Association also analyzed concentration levels when shooting the arrow and built an identical archery field of the Tokyo Olympics to help archers feel the tension and the mood on the game day.  

Woojin Kim’s heart rate

With these various training programs, the team Korea of Archery has been ultimately formed. The individuals who are ready to triumph often make impressive sights in games. For example, Woojin Kim, a Korean male archer, recorded a perfect score of 90 in three sets at the first match on the final day of archery, not giving any room for the opponent to take the lead. Kim’s heart rates were very surprising because his average beat stayed around the 70s. Some people said, “is he sleeping while shooting?” or “My heart rates are surely faster than his”. And other people proudly wrote, “We are the descendants of the King, Jumong, the prominent archer in history”.On the internet, some netizens introduce archery matches at the Olympics as a silver medal goes to the team that encounters Korean archery team at the last.

Team Korea archery won gold medals from team matches at the Tokyo Olympics

So far, the Association has been serving archers well in Korea, but continuous effort taken by archers themselves plays a significant role in achieving the world’s best archery team title for a long time. I hope all the people can enjoy watching Olympic games and players to stay safe in the pandemic!

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