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Make your face ‘SMOOTH like Butter’: Gual Sa, a cheap and easy way to promote your health

Small Gual Sa sample

Meridian scraping or Gual sa is one of the traditional Chinese massage tools to stroke your skin with pressure. It comes out in various shapes and materials with smooth edges. If you apply them to your face or body with proper pressure, it will give you soothing effects. Anyone without professional skills even can do so, since it only requires a bit of grip to put some pressure. Gual sa promotes blood circulation, improves wrinkles, relieves stress and muscle tensions, and brings more benefits to our body systems. With continuous and appropriate application, you may reduce your face size.

Gual sa usage example

Recently in Korea, Gual sa is a new trend among the 20s and 30s. Not only ordinary people but also famous creators and influencers enjoy Gual sa benefits. Today, you can find hundreds of videos explaining Gual sa’s effects and applications on youtube. Among Korean Youtubers, bronze Gual sa is especially a new hit item. Bronze is also called 방짜유기 (Bangjja Yugi) in Korean.

Bangjja Yugi brassware

As mentioned earlier, Bangjja gual sa is gaining popularity these days. For example, a Korean YouTuber, 회사원 A (Company employee A) collaborated with a Korean brand that specializes in Bangjja Yugi Brassware – and sold bangjja Yugi gual sa sets. She prepared hundreds of gual sa sets but only a few seconds took to be sold out. On her other channel called 회사원B (Company employee B), she uploaded a video of how she is using gual sa and how to manage gual sa effectively. Hanee Lee, a Korean actress, model, and classical musician, was featured on a TV program to show the way she does self-massage with gual sa. And there are many other celebrities using gual sa at home.

How to face massage using Gual Sa

I have also bought gual sa sets and have been using them for months now. I have massaged my face for around 2-3 minutes a day, and my puffy face is now gone! I can confidently say that this set is one of the best items I bought in my life. Gold-colored and heart-shaped Bangjja gua sha from Notdam not only looks cute, but it is also portable and provides the right amount of pressure on my face and body!

Heart-shaped bronze gual sa

Among several Bangjja brands, Dan-A Store is one of the most famous brands, and Korean department stores and websites are selling its products right now! It could be the perfect gift for friends and family! Click here to get your own Korean Bronze Gual sa!

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  • My sister has one of these and she raves about the benefits! Reading everything in this article is making me super excited to be buying one. I can’t wait to receive it!

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