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How are you relieving stress at home?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us once had to stay at home. In fact, our lifestyles have been upended. Because large gatherings, concerts, festivals, and other social events are still prohibited in Korea, we have found different ways to relieve our stress using toys. Well, here are some toys to play with! I tried them out and rated them in different categories depending on how much I enjoyed them and how much stress was reduced.


Slime became popular a few years ago. In Korea, slime playing became popular among YouTubers, and it became a huge trend. Because it looked fun to play with, I decided to get one myself! Among various options, I chose Mogu Mogu and a white cloud slime. BLEEMING, the slime seller sent me slimes along with two bottles of slime activator and a little note to read. The note said please wash your hands before playing and use an activator when slime becomes too sticky. Now, let’s check out the slime video!


Slime is an affordable toy to kill time and relieve stress. Once you take them out from the bottle, you will fall into a rabbit hole of slime playing. Unfortunately, slime does not last long. It will melt and become dry after few hours. It is also inconvenient, for you will have to keep your hands clean before and after slime playing.

Score: 8 out of 10

Diamond painting

This is a mixture of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers by using resin rhinestones. La La Land is my favorite movie so here you go. Every tool needed for the painting is included in the package from Bestselect. It is simple: take out rhinestones on the plastic plate according to the number on the sticky paper then use the pen provided to put the rhinestone. Now let’s check out the time-lapse video.

(No audio included)

Diamond Painting Timelapse Video

Diamond painting is the best way to do not think of anything and space out. Although it takes a long time to finish, the finished product sparkles and can be a unique picture frame.

Score: 9 out of 10

Bubble Pop fidget toys

Various types of Bubble fidget toys

There are several fidget toys such as a fidget spinner, fidget cube, marble fidgets, and more. In Korea, bubble pop toy made out of rubber is the latest trend. Here is a little tip: freeze it for a while after spraying some water on it to give it an extra crunch sound. Let’s listen how it pops when it’s frozen!

(Turn on the sound to enjoy ASMR)

Frozen Bubble fidget toy playing ASMR

The joy of popping the rubber does not last long enough to confidently say “I am now stress-free.” Still, it’s a new craze worth to try and somehow it reduces anxiety as well.

Score: 7 out of 10

Stress ball

Just like slime, stress ball also comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are shaped like an angry face and others are shaped like a regular bean bag. They are usually small enough to fit in one hand, and durable to withstand extreme squeezes and twists. Because they fit in your pocket they are very portable. Carry them everywhere you go and squeeze your stress away!

Yogibo Squeezibo Stree Ball Mates – Koala Playing ASMR

This cute Koala is one of yogibo’s Squeezibo Stress Ball Mates. Because it is covered with yogibo’s stretchy fabric, it is extra durable while Koala’s ears are little rustling.

Score: 6 out of 10

The scores are subjective, so it is best to try them all by yourself!

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  • I really want to try Diamond painting! The bubble things are cool, my Niece and Nefews have a whole bunch, I’ll have to try and put them in the freezer now! 😂

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