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Recognition of abroad vaccination for tourists

AskCategory: TravelRecognition of abroad vaccination for tourists
never-fall-asleep asked 12 months ago
I am fully vaccinated abroad. I understand that if I want to visit Korea as a tourist, I will need to undergo 10/14 days of quarantine.
But will there be any other limitations? Is my vaccine recognized for restaurants, bars, museums, etc?
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NAKD SEOUL Danny Kim Staff answered 11 months ago
Currently there is a vaccine mandate that will restrict you from entering supermarkets, shopping malls and department stores. You need to show proof of vaccination via an app, or have a negative PCR test you took the within the past 72 hours. If you are a visitor, it’s pretty much impossible to get your abroad vaccination acknowledged, so you’d have to take a PCR test every few days. You can however, still go to restaurants alone.
Currently there are a lot of protests against these mandates in Korea. Thus by the time you come here your experience may vary greatly. I suggest you check with the Korean government websites (they have English service) before you come to Korea. 
never-fall-asleep answered 11 months ago
Hi Danny, thanks for your answer!
So if I may add, after I asked the question I did a lot of research as well as experienced it myself (I am in Seoul right now on a K-ETA/tourist visa).
So you actually CAN get your vaccination verified if you were vaccinated abroad.
If you have an ARC, you’ll be able to get a QR code for the COOV app.
If you’re a tourist of if you don’t have an ARC yet, you can still get your vaccination verified however you cannot get the QR code. They will print out some paper that you need to show instead of the QR code (some places also can ask for ID).
You need to go to your local health center with your ID and proof of vaccination for each dose. I went to the one in Gangnam, and they were able to print out the paper on the spot. But I heard that some centers require that you come back a couple of days later for the paper.
So good news
fatin ahmed
Staff replied 10 months ago

<p>Hi there! I got my vaccine from abroad verified and accepted in Korea like a month ago, and everything you said is spot on! Thank you for giving this informative and detailed answer, it will help others solve their queries about vaccines abroad verification. </p>

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