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Possibilities for Unvaccinated People

AskCategory: Living in KoreaPossibilities for Unvaccinated People
mandarincepark asked 8 months ago
Hello Nakd Team,
I wanted to know what the situation is like for unvaccinated ppl in Korea ?
Can they enter shops, restaurants, museums, cafes, etc ? 
A friend who lives in Seoul says it’s possible to enter facilities, except for restaurants, there you can only enter if you are eating alone. 
Thank you in advance ☺️
1 Answers
fatin ahmed Staff answered 8 months ago
Hello Marina!
Currently those who are unvaccinated  are unable to access multiuse facilities like restaurants, cafes and etc, but you can enter shops and supermarkets. 
However, if you get a PCR test and receive a negative result then they can access all the facilities like normal as a vaccinated person. But it is a hassle to get a PCR test every couple days just to go to a restaurant. 
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