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Tattoos in Korea still Taboo?

AskCategory: CultureTattoos in Korea still Taboo?
jaeswag55 asked 8 months ago
I want to get tattoos but does Korea still frown upon tattoos? I am going to get tattoos on my forearm and possibly upper arm too later on. So it still can get covered but I am curious. Also, my work field would be in the arts/design field so personally, I do not think it would be a big problem. Because I know a lot of artists and designers have tattoos.

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NAKD SEOUL Danny Kim Staff answered 7 months ago
Tattoos are not very taboo in Korean society anymore. There are lots of young Koreans that are getting tattoos and if you walk in areas like Hongdae or Sinchon, you’ll see lots of people with tattoos on their arms.
Do keep in mind that not every profession will be accepting of tattoos, such as sales jobs in Korea which may require you to cover the tattoos. However in arts and design, I’d feel like you’d have a harder time finding people that DON’T have tattoos!
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