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How influential are Christians in Korean society?

AskCategory: CultureHow influential are Christians in Korean society?
Arafel asked 12 months ago

Is David still a Christian? Haha.
How influential are Christians in Korean society? What christian sects are there?

1 Answers
David Staff answered 12 months ago
As of 2021, the religious distribution of Koreans is Protestant 17%, Buddhist 16%, and Catholic 6% (2021). 
Christianity is huge in Korea. A church can be found in any neighborhood or district. The megachurches in Korea are on a different level. I would say Christians are influential in that even strong politicians always visit mega churches during election season and also Christian opinions have a lot of say in legislating factors about sensitive topics as well. However it is also a fact that the younger generation is slowly moving away from it. Christianity is being slowly tainted in a negative light by the younger generation due to a compilation of hypocritical behavior, gatherings during COVID times, connection to conservatism in politics, etc.
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