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Negative stigma towards foreigners?

AskCategory: CultureNegative stigma towards foreigners?
Audrey Watson asked 12 months ago
I’m my country, I’ve had a lot of international Korean friends.
I’ve got a lot of feed  ack from them about a negative image placed on foreign people liking k-pop/dramas. Them being “easy white horse” or “annoying kboos that only want a handsome oppa, etc,etc.”
I have always been afraid of being viewed like this, so wanted to know other opinions.
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J Staff answered 12 months ago
Those feedback may come more from Koreans abroad. However, in Korea, it depends on where you are from or what part of Korea you are traveling. I am going to be totally honest.
Generally, if you are white, people are very friendly to you. If you have darker skin, especially those from Southeast Asia, chances are, you may be looked down upon. If you speak the language, the treatment can be slightly different. 
If you are in Seoul, Busan, or any other big cities, you may not have any problems. But if you go to rural areas, I am sure people will glance at you or even just stare at you; I think this is the same in most part of the world. But people won’t really say anything out loud. 
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