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  • $35.00

    Irwol Obongdo is the most symbolic royal painting
    of the Joseon Dynasty.
    It represents the ultimate power of the king
    as well as wishes of the wellbeing of people.
    Enjoy the beautiful Irwol Obongdo
    on this canvas tote bag todayWinner of the Korean Tourism Product Development Contest360*360mm (14.1 x 14.1 inches)
    100% cotton

  • $25.00

    Materials : Bamboo, Polyester

    Size : 22cm when folded, 38cm when open.

    Made in Korea with attention and care.

  • $20.00

    ◆Korea ‘Minhwa’ playing card

    -The world’s only ‘Minhwa’ card!

    -All 54 cards are different ‘Minhwa’ paintings

    -Made of premium card-only paper

    -A poker card with wishes and luck in ‘Minhwa’

    [Each of the 54 cards consists of different ‘minhwa’ cards, making it seem like you are looking at a collection of ‘minhwa’]

  • $25.00

    ◆Irwol Obongdo in your pouch
    Meet the Irwol Obongdo Pouch printed in gold holograms on eco-friendly canvas fabric.


    ◆Irwol Obongdo
    Irwol Obongdo is a Korean folding screen with a highly stylized landscape painting of a sun and moon, five peaks which always was set behind Eojwa, the king’s royal throne during the Joseon Dynasty. The sun and moon symbolize the king and queen while the five peaks denotes a mythical place. The screen serves to display
    the majesty of the Joseon Royal Court.