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Are korean men romantic as seen in K- dramas?

AskAre korean men romantic as seen in K- dramas?
Tricia Mohamed asked 8 months ago
1 Answers
J Staff answered 8 months ago
Depends on how you define “romantic” as.
Honest personal opinion: how K-drama describes Korean men in relationships is not romantic.
No respect of boundaries and personal space, mansplaining, and controlling; all those terrible traits depicted as romantic! How awful lolll
Honestly, K-drama romanticize a guy being tough on the outside and soft on the inside, a.k.a. 츤데레, but I just think that person has a problem expressing himself. Or just showing up to his partner’s place and ask to meet when they were set boundaries not to. Men thinking that they have to be better than their female partners all the time. Just to name a few.
I had a few guys who try to imitate so-called “romantic” behaviors from the dramas, and it’s just, NO. PLEASE NO. haha so cringey. Real-life social interactions don’t work the way it works in dramas.
As I said in the beginning, it depends on what you think “romantic” is. My definition of romantic is totally different from what’s shown in k-dramas!
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