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How difficult is it to travel in Korea with mobility issues

AskCategory: TravelHow difficult is it to travel in Korea with mobility issues
Cheryl Schaeffer asked 12 months ago

I’m wondering how difficult it is to navigate around Korea if you have mobility issues. Also, how difficult is it if you are overweight to get around.

1 Answers
J Staff answered 12 months ago
It is going to be difficult in several ways. (I only say this from my experience of getting around with a stroller, it may be different for adults who have mobility issues).
There will be restrictions for taking public transportations. Subway is the best way, but to go up and down to take them, you need to find an exit/entrance with an elevator. Usually, not every exit has an elevator for each station. So even though you might be right next to a subway entrance, it may not have an elevator access. So you need find the sign, cross the street, and then go down – certainly more obstacles if you have mobility issues. There are busses that are designed and built for accessibility, I doubt that any of them actually have used the function. Honestly, it’s just not very friendly/accessible for people with physical handicap/disability to get around. But most buildings have ramps and elevators.
In terms of being overweight, the standard of Koreans and Americans being overweight is totally different. So if you are considered a bit chubby, that’s probably overweight in Korea. Some things will be too small for you if you are overweight or in non-standard Korean size. 
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