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What documents do I have to bring to travel to Korea?

AskCategory: TravelWhat documents do I have to bring to travel to Korea?
Milkkk asked 11 months ago

So I’m from Canada and I have a trip to Seoul planned for May of 2022, but I have no idea what documents I need to complete/bring like visas, quarantine, vaccine passports. I’m a bit overwhelmed and I don’t wanna miss anything because my worst fear is getting denied to enter the country or not being able to do much because I forgot to complete a document.

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NAKD SEOUL Danny Kim Staff answered 11 months ago
The government’s policy changes every few weeks, so it’s hard to say what you’ll need by May. I would definitely check again with official government sources before your travels.
As of now – you’ll need a visa as Korea is no longer offering visa-free entry from Canada, vaccination records, a PCR negative result. You will have to quarantine for at least 10 days once you arrive, and you will be charged for the stay. If looking at the government documents sounds like a drag – you should contact your airline, they’ll have up-to-date info on COVID related measures as well.
*We are not a legal consultant, please check with official government sources for up-to-date and accurate information.
fatin ahmed
Staff replied 10 months ago

To further add to Danny’s point, I would also suggest you contact your local Korean embassy to get further details and advice when traveling to Korea 🙂

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