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How much does it costs to stay in a decent hotel?

AskCategory: TravelHow much does it costs to stay in a decent hotel?
Eleni Koutri asked 8 months ago

How much does it costs to stay in a decent hotel and what’s the equivalent between euro and won? I heard about Itcheon don’t know how to spell it us it a place in Seoul or a different town?do kpop stars have favorite cafes and restaurants? Thank you ❤

1 Answers
Anna Lee Staff answered 8 months ago
Wow that’s like 4 questions in one! 😂 Let me go in order:

  1. If you mean ‘decent’ hotel like a 4 star, I would say that it can cost between $50 to $100 per night. Check out some options here.
  2. 1 Euro equals to 1,333 Korean Won approx.
  3. Incheon is where the International Airport is, and where you’ll fly to from Greece. It’s 49km away from Seoul, so roughly about a 60 minute journey by bus or train from the airport to central Seoul. 
  4. Kpop stars do have their favorite cafes and restaurants Here is a list with some highlights. Hope that answers your questions!
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