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Bicycle Touring in Korea

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David O. asked 11 months ago
Danny once cycled from Seoul to Busan over about one week and that inspired me to try the same thing one day. How would you recommend planning such a trip, especially finding accommodations and route maps? My Korean is elementary but improving; I imagine I will need good Korean skills in the rural areas. Hopefully I can find a way to visit for a few months and fill out that stamp passport.
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Danny Kim Staff answered 11 months ago
Well you’ve come to the right place to ask this question. I’m glad you enjoyed the biking video
It’s very easy to plan the trip – the route I took is the one everyone takes and it is 100% paved and mostly cycle roads.
I’d suggest going there sometime in the spring or fall, April May and September October are good months to go. As for route maps – just start off at Ara Waterway in Incheon near the airport. You can easily get there by metro. This is a very helpful map that has details of the entire route I found online.
Once you are on the route, it should be fairly easy to follow – there are blue signs every few kilometers and at every fork of the road, directing you which way the route is. In terms of accomodation, also don’t worry too much – there are plenty of motels and guesthouses that have signs on the bike route leading you to their location in every little town. Even if you miss one, it’s unlikely that you’ll have trouble finding another a few kilometers away.
One tip is that I’d try to find somewhere to stay before 6PM, as once it gets dark the roads are mostly unlit, and it’s very difficult to navigate around. Anyway hope you have fun on your trip! Your question is inspiring me to do another this summer now
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