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Being transgender in Korea

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jesi.riggles asked 11 months ago
When the quarantine rules are loosened, my wife and I plan to visit Korea. My wife is a transgender woman. She is not very tall, and she is thin, so with her mask on, most people would not notice; but, she has a very low, masculine voice, so the minute she speaks, it’s obvious that she is trans. I’m very concerned traveling with her, since Korea is more conservative than the U.S. Here, we usually stay in AirBNBs, but I worry that some property owners will not want to rent their places to us there. Would we be better off staying in large, chain hotels? Do you think it will be an issue with us being two married women? Also, I know that she will probably okay in Seoul, but is it safe for her to travel in the rural provinces or smaller cities? I just don’t want to put her in situations where she will be disrespected or unsafe. Any tips? 
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Danny Kim Staff answered 11 months ago
I am not LGBTQ so I cannot speak for the experiences they face here in Korea. That being said, I don’t think your wife being a transgender woman would be much of an issue in booking AirBNBs. It’s not like they are going to kick you out for your wife being trans. They likely won’t even directly meet you anyways.
Regards to travelling to rural provinces, that may be a different story. I think you would definitely get some people giving thrown off looks or some may even question why your wife’s voice is low. However I don’t think it’d be ‘dangerous’ per se, just expect some ignorance and weird looks. In Seoul, yes it’d be less of an issue, especially in more queer friendlier neighborhoods like Itaewon.
I hope you have a safe and fun trip to Korea and hope this helped.
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