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What is another city near Seoul that's worthy of a visit and is diverse?

AskCategory: PlacesWhat is another city near Seoul that's worthy of a visit and is diverse?
Danny Kim Staff asked 9 months ago
What is another city near Seoul that’s worthy of a visit and is diverse?
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Danny Kim Staff answered 9 months ago
My favorite place outside of Seoul – Eulwangri Beach, just near the Incheon International Airport. It’s about a 1 hour drive, or 1.5 hours by public transportation from Hongdae or other hotspots of Seoul. Eulwangri is not the most exciting beach, but just the fact that a beach is this close to the city, and also the diverse street food and fresh seafood you can get from there makes it my favorite place. You can swim, suntan, fish and find little local shops that give off a very down to earth local vibe. It’s more of a locals place than a touristy one.
You can check out where it is here:
Yes, I’m answering my own question.
Staff replied 9 months ago

I love Eulwangri beach as well 🙂

Sandra Wheeler
replied 8 months ago

I remember seeing the ‘famous’ Korean dog, Sawol, and her family of mom, dad and their grown son, Sawol’s owner. They visited there and had a great romp on the sand when Sawol got knocked down by the little waves off the rocks. Very local vibe and food looks so good!

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