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Any travel tips for visiting South Korea?

AskCategory: PlacesAny travel tips for visiting South Korea?
Bame asked 9 months ago

Hi. I would like to know the tips for a person who wants to visit South Korea. What airline do we use, where would you recommend booking accommodation, what to do if you do not speak Korean that well, places to visit, things to look out for and how to enjoy the trip even more

1 Answers
Danny Kim Staff answered 9 months ago
Wow what a loaded question! I’ll try my best to make this concise.
1. Airline
Asiana or Korean Air both are major Korean airlines and they have extremely good service and are very friendly. They serve Korean food on the plane as well (although you have non-Korean options too) so it’d be a nice way to come to Korea.
2. Accommodation
This would highly depend on your budget and what you want to see. However I do have one tip – book at places where you are close to the metro station, especially if you are in Seoul. I can’t stress this enough, the metro takes you everywhere, to all the major spots you’d want to see in Seoul. If you have two or more different lines running through that metro station even better. Hongdae, Gangnam, Hapjeong, Yeouido are good examples.
3. What if I don’t speak Korean?
There should be no problem getting around without knowing Korean. Many things are written in both Korean and English and many Korean people know English well enough to help you around. Also just getting around lost in translation is part of the fun of traveling to another country!
4. Places to visit
This answer will be insanely long so I’ll just share this with you.
Hope you enjoy your time in Korea! It’s an amazing country  
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