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Suggest Me Underrated Travel Destinations ✈️

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Anaí Murillo asked 12 months ago

Underrated Travel Destinations ✈️

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David Staff answered 12 months ago
I would say go to any kind of mountain for hiking, and even better a mountain that has a Buddhist temple! 
Korean mountains are beautiful in every season (especially spring and fall tho) and they are quite easy to hike up. You will get to meet friendly people along the way as well  

Also the hidden Buddhist temples might give you a very calm and peaceful vibe. 

Danny Kim Staff answered 12 months ago
I’m going to post this answer since I really want everyone to visit these places!
Go to the indie clubs in Hongdae. Hongdae is the birthplace and capital of Korean indie music, and you’ll be able to find all the local bands playing there. All mainstream indie acts started there, and who knows, you may find the next big band to come out of Hongdae! You can always say, ‘I saw them first before they made it big’.
Here are some good clubs to go to:
Club Bbang – This legendary club was at the forefront of the birth of Korean indie in the 90s. It’s a small tiny club, very old, and very very local. Very legendary. The owner of this place is like a father figure for the entire indie scene.
Club A.O.R. – A little modern than Club Bbang, it’s a spot that has a really great sound system, probably the best in all of Hongdae clubs. Also the bands that play here are absolutely amazing, if you want high quality indie music definitely go to this place. (My band PIRA sometimes plays here too!)
J Staff answered 12 months ago
I recommend 수원화성 (Suwon Hwaseong Fortress). It’s a place I have not visited but would love to in the near future. It is located in the city of Suwon in Gyeonggi-do. It is a State-designated Cultural Heritage and is under the UNESCO’s world heritage list
Since I have not been there, I will just drop some hashtags you can click and explore! #수원화성 #sunwonhwaseongfortress
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