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Do you think most shops and destinations will be open by late 2022?

AskCategory: PlacesDo you think most shops and destinations will be open by late 2022?
xapetqa asked 8 months ago

We’re planning to visit Seoul late next year around Nov-Dec, do you think most shops and destinations are open by then?

1 Answers
Danny Kim Staff answered 8 months ago
Well this is such a hard question, honestly. Most of Korea is closing down NOW, but to look one year into the future would be really hard. We were actually doing really well late last year, and never would’ve imagined anything like this happening in a year ahead.
(Technically, we aren’t closed closed, it’s just that shops are closing earlier, and there are some severe restrictions to how many people can be in a group or what businesses can operate)
The best thing we can do is to keep your fingers crossed and hopefully we’ll be at a better place.
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