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Will the quarantine mandate for tourists be lifted?

AskCategory: PlacesWill the quarantine mandate for tourists be lifted?
Geena asked 9 months ago

im coming in April do goi think the mandate will be lifted???

1 Answers
Danny Kim Staff answered 9 months ago
Unfortunately I’m not a fortuneteller(pun intended) and I don’t know where this crappy pandemic is heading. To be frank, it seems unlikely that there will be a quarantine lift anytime soon because if anything the pandemic is surging to all time worsts in Korea right now.
We’ve been facing all time highs in severe cases and deaths from COVID.
Now we might be going through another series of extreme social distancing measures, the ones that we’ve gotten away from just a few weeks ago.
Furthermore, the new Omicron variant has made Korea completely ban the travel of people from 8 different countries including South Africa. At this point it’s unlikely the government will alleviate measures for travelers. Sorry to let you down, but don’t keep your hopes up.
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