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How can I seek help from a local regarding certain restaurants I would like to visit?

AskCategory: PlacesHow can I seek help from a local regarding certain restaurants I would like to visit?
Kyrie asked 8 months ago
I have a library of photos of restaurants I would like to visit. However, I have no idea where exactly or even which those shops are (some are supposedly pretty famous). Plus, from understanding Google Maps is really bad for Korea isn’t it? How do I look for a local to help with such matters (going through and giving me addresses)?
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Anna Lee Staff answered 8 months ago
I would first try Google Image search, so you can try to look up the image that way! Google Maps is very bad in Korea, I suggest that you download Naver or Kakao Maps instead and these apps are available in English too.
How did you get these pictures of the restaurants? If it’s from Instagram, try to see if you can tap through any of the hashtags? I would also search into Instagram #서울맛집 #강남맛집 #홍대맛집 and see if you can recognise your pictures from the pictures that come up!
replied 8 months ago

Thank you for your reply Anna. 🙂

I got many of them while watching the TV shows like Funstaurant online. I would love to visit those places. Perhaps I will give your suggestion a try. Otherwise, I might try to see if I can find a local whom I can pay to sit down for a session with me haha.

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