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Are tattoos (still) an issue?

AskCategory: PlacesAre tattoos (still) an issue?
marcarv2019 asked 11 months ago
I hope you’re having a wonderful 2022!!!
I was wondering about something. I am considering visiting SK for the first time if circumstances allow it this year, maybe and as someone who has very few, but perhaps still noticeable tattoos is there an issue in going to beaches or public baths or any places of the sort?  I don’t expect bath houses to be functioning as usual due to covid, but let’s say that I’m pondering dates and seasons to visit and I had some interest in exploring a bit of the southern region if time, energy and monetary costs allow it. 
For extra information: my tattoos are rather small; they’d be 1) of a lotus flower design on my right arm and 2) a butterfly on one side of my chest area.  Thank you. 
1 Answers
Danny Kim Staff answered 11 months ago
Tattoos may be frowned upon in very white collar jobs, but it’s rarely an ‘issue’ for you to go to any places.
I do know that Japan has restrictions on people with tattoos for their bath houses and such, but in Korea we do not have such rules. No one will bat an eye if you have a tattoo in beaches, baths or whereever (Unless you have one of the rising sun flag, then people might come up to you and say something about it). Don’t worry about it, the only people that have commented negatively about my tattoos were my parents haha. Enjoy Korea
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