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Any questions about Korea. Answered by locals.

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AskCategory: Places
I’m white lol can I be a kpop idol 🐙🤦‍♀️
Closedbigupgod asked 5 months ago • 
205 views0 answers0 votes
Are tattoos (still) an issue?
ClosedDanny Kim answered 7 months ago • 
281 views1 answers0 votes
Do you think most shops and destinations will be open by late 2022?
ClosedDanny Kim answered 8 months ago • 
394 views1 answers0 votes
Suggest Me Underrated Travel Destinations ✈️
ClosedJ answered 8 months ago • 
393 views3 answers0 votes
Can you please explain what happened during the Gwangju Uprising?
Closedejdavis1986 asked 8 months ago • 
505 views0 answers0 votes
Where should you go to eat the best street food?
ClosedHana W asked 8 months ago • 
190 views0 answers0 votes
Traveling Alone?
ClosedDanny Kim answered 8 months ago • 
311 views1 answers0 votes
Do the airports have private entrances or exits for celebrities?
ClosedDanny Kim answered 8 months ago • 
647 views1 answers-1 votes
Any travel tips for visiting South Korea?
ClosedDanny Kim answered 9 months ago • 
918 views1 answers1 votes
Will the quarantine mandate for tourists be lifted?
ClosedDanny Kim answered 9 months ago • 
310 views1 answers0 votes
What is another city near Seoul that's worthy of a visit and is diverse?
ClosedDanny Kim answered 9 months ago • 
513 views2 answers2 votes

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