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What do Korens think of non-Asians being Kpop idols (Please be specific about race

AskCategory: MusicWhat do Korens think of non-Asians being Kpop idols (Please be specific about race
Jewel Peterson asked 8 months ago
Jewel Peterson
replied 8 months ago

Time to debunk this once and for all.
Is is really the K-fans for are the I-fans exaggerating the truth / issue, to cover up their own hatred for the idea?

1 Answers
Anna Lee Staff answered 8 months ago
I think most Koreans won’t care all that much to be honest. For example, with a group like Kaachi, I felt that the international Kpop fans were more angry and triggered than actual Koreans… Most Koreans (if they even heard of Kaachi) would have just looked at them with amusement and wouldn’t have thought much of it. Same goes for Oli London. 
Maybe if the US suddenly produced a boyband that were just as talented and stylish as BTS, and making ‘Kpop music’, and they were taking all the awards and being a real threat to Korean groups, then I think Korean people will care and have an issue with it. But that has yet to happen!
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