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Is saying someone is 'androgynous' considered a slur or is there an alternative?

AskCategory: MusicIs saying someone is 'androgynous' considered a slur or is there an alternative?
T!Na asked 8 months ago
I think it’s beautiful how K-pop artists like Taemin and Jimin confidently bring both their masculine & feminine sides forward to enhance their performance and dance in general as an art form. But I wanted to know how new this is and if being ‘gender-neutral’ is seen differently in Korea? How common or uncommon is it?
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Danny Kim Staff answered 8 months ago
Being called androgynous is not a slur, it’s a praise on their facial characteristics. It usually means you have some mystery in your face, and you would only say that to someone in a nice way.
Now, is the androgynous look seen as weird or different? I personally think it’s different enough where you won’t be seeing it every day, but it’s fairly common in the realm of Kpop and K-Entertainment. It’s not really a ‘shocking’ or novel concept in Korea anymore. 
I can remember as far as 15 years ago – Lee Joon Ki gained immense popularity with his feminine look. I think he opened a lot of doors for how men can look differently. He drew in a whole ‘flower boy’ craze, where men were praised for being beautiful and feminine.
In Kpop I think it’s even more common to see androgynous concepts – especially among male idols.
However, I think you should note that having a ‘androgynous’ or ‘gender-neutral’ look and actually identifying oneself as non-binary or gender neutral/fluid etc. would be a whole different thing. Just because many Koreans are used to gender-neutral looks doesn’t mean they will be accepting of gender neutrality itself. It’s just the look that people are used to.
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