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What are peoples thoughts on weed?

AskCategory: Living in KoreaWhat are peoples thoughts on weed?
tk asked 12 months ago

Listening to K-hip hop there are obvious references to smoking weed. Are there underground dispensaries stores and stuff or more like people dealing on the side(similar to how it was in the States before legalization)?
What are most citizens opinion on it and is it basically decriminalized like tattoos are there?

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Janet Lim
replied 12 months ago

From what I hear from my Korean relative & parents, marijuana is illegal and the Korean society associates weed and tattoos with gangs and criminals. Tattoos are being more accepted nowadays, but the older, more old-fashioned Korean people still believe this, of course since this is what they were taught and what they know. Drugs are much more taboo since it’s a criminal charge if anyone is caught. Neither are as taboo overseas from what I know.

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Anna Lee Staff answered 12 months ago
K-hip hop can be slightly over-exaggerated so I wouldn’t take all of their lyrics as face value. I’m sure many of them do smoke weed, but most Korean rappers grew up with a normal childhood; nothing like growing up in dangerous gangs in the hood like in the States, where drugs are really part of their lives from an early age. 
There are zero stores selling weed as it is absolutely illegal and they would get thrown into jail. There is a growing black market I’ve heard, and I think social media chatrooms and/or the Darknet is how people sell and buy drugs. 
In regards to the perception of drugs by the general public, they are not viewed similar to tattoos at all. Many young people have tattoos these days, it’s considered very fashionable. Drugs on the other hand, are seen as a criminal activity and you’ll be considered as an extremely low-level person if you do drugs. And people view all types of drugs with the same level of disdain. In Koreans’ eyes: weed, meth, heroin are just as bad as each other, simply because that’s what we’ve been told for decades. Here is an article that explains further on this issue. 
Furlyfurl answered 12 months ago
Weed is hard to get here, very expensive and honestly not worth the risk. It’s considered as bad as heroin and meth, in general there is a lack of awareness in the type of drugs. People simply think drugs = bad. However I do think there are some changing views as other developed countries are legalizing weed.
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