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What is the best way to make friends with locals? 

AskCategory: Living in KoreaWhat is the best way to make friends with locals? 
anahi.mend1812 asked 8 months ago

I’m traveling to SK in April 2022. I am going by myself and want to make friends before my trip. What is the best way to make friends with locals?

1 Answers
Anna Lee Staff answered 8 months ago
First of all, I hope that you are able to make your trip in April with no quarantine and the other stuff…! God knows what the situation will be like then. 
May I ask why you’re interested in coming to Korea? You like Kpop or Kdramas or watched some videos about Korea on YouTube? If you’re coming for one of those reasons, then may first suggestion would be to try and find groups who talk about those sorts of things. The Korea subreddit on Reddit arranges meetups sometimes I believe, but it’s mostly non-Koreans living in Korea who are on there. 
Can you speak any Korean? If you’re looking to make friends with local Korean people, then that would be a pretty good thing to learn before your trip. You say you want to make friends before the trip…then the only solution I can think of is Tinder or language-exchange apps but obviously if you use those platforms, people have an agenda so be aware of that. 
To be honest, I think it may be quite hard to make friends before your trip…I don’t know if many people are willing to become friends with someone before meeting, unless it’s two people who are romantically interested in each other? I think that if you’re able to come in April, just go out and explore Seoul, hang out in bars with lots of people and try to make friends from there. Really hoping that you have no issues!
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