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How is Health Care in Korea?

AskCategory: Living in KoreaHow is Health Care in Korea?
Jos asked 12 months ago

In the United States, the health care system is crap, and it is pretty expensive. The average cost for having a baby is around $3,000. For mother and baby to have skin-to-skin contact right after birth are approximately $40. The average health insurance is around $400-$500. Anyways, I wondered how the health care system compares to the US. Is it expensive for foreigners, in general, in a hospital/clinic? What should I expect as a foreigner?
Side question: In general, how accurate are the medical k-dramas?

Sandra Wheeler
replied 12 months ago

I am an elder living in Northern Virginia with my family. My daughter and her husband pay more than $1200.00 monthly for healthcare for themselves and three children. As small business owners, they continually search for decent healthcare coverage to offer their employees as well. I pay $400 monthly for extra coverage beyond Medicare (a government benefit for elders. My experience with siblings is that senior citizens without extra coverage beyond their Medicare simply cannot afford healthcare, even preventive care, in spite of the emergence of the Affordable Care Act.

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