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Driving in Seoul

AskCategory: Living in KoreaDriving in Seoul
justcris asked 8 months ago
Do a lot of people own cars in Seoul?
Is there parking available in apartment buildings or do you have to park on the street?? Is public parking generally free or paid??
1 Answers
Danny Kim Staff answered 8 months ago
According to Statistics Korea – about 2 in 1 people have cars in Korea. If you narrow that down to Seoul, 3 in 1 have cars. In Seoul public parking is never free, but if you go to more rural areas or other smaller cities, you can find free public parking relatively easily.
All apartments have parking available, with most of the newer buildings having underground garages. If you live in smaller ‘villas’ then parking space is usually very limited and sometimes you’ll be parking in front of other people’s cars and leaving your number on the dashboard.
In general, I’d say if you live outside of Seoul, you’d need a car, but within Seoul – most of the time it’s better to take the subway or bus.
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