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Do students go to school on saturday?

AskCategory: Living in KoreaDo students go to school on saturday?
Lora Klo asked 8 months ago
This is something I saw a while ago and I was a little bit dumbfounded. Also, do you pay for your uniform and how much do all parts of the uniform cost?
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J Staff answered 8 months ago

As of now, public schools do not have school on Saturdays. This policy was implemented fairly recently though. In 2005, it was just one Saturday students had off – fourth Saturday of the month. From 2006 to 2011, students had the second and the fourth Saturdays off. Since 2012, all grades (1-6th, middle, and high; 1-12th) were granted 5 school day week with Saturday off. (I honestly thought it was way before 2012 that we started having Saturdays off….!!!!)
In Korean school system, our academic year begins in March and ends in February – so in March, you go up to a new grade. We also have longer winter vacation and shorter summer break compared to a typical U.S. school calendar. 
Yes, the families need to buy their own uniform for school attendance – most schools from middle to high school require students to wear school uniforms. The price greatly vary depending on public and private schools. It’s been more than 10 years, but as far as I can remember, I paid about $400 just for my high school’s fall/winter uniform set (jacket, vest, 3 blouses/shirts, skirt, tie, & cardigan) and you need summer uniform separately XD It was a private school, so it could have been more pricey than other schools’ – but it was pretty I still have mine at home, it’s been a decade, just can’t throw it away thinking that it cost so much moneyyyyyy
We do have uniform donations from the graduates for the newly accepted. Maybe this is the reason my parents sent me to the same middle school as my sisters lol so we can save money on the uniforms lolll.

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