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Dashcams in cars

AskCategory: Living in KoreaDashcams in cars
ljbullock asked 8 months ago
Do cars in Korea all have dashcams the way the seem to in dramas?
replied 8 months ago

Thank you! I wonder if that will ever catch on in the US. I think its a good idea but I have a feeling people in the US will feel like it’s too big brotherish.

2 Answers
fatin ahmed Staff answered 8 months ago
Hello there, yes the majority of cars especially modern/newer models will contain dashcams or also known as “black boxes”. This helps car owners with insurance purposes, helps with identifying people who are involved in hit & run incidents, and using footage from dashcams of nearby vehicles can help out law enforcement/authorities with finding additional evidence for investigations. Dramas do a good job of presenting this form of a social trend.
thando bhule answered 7 months ago

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