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Are Koreans still getting vaccinated against pox?

AskCategory: Living in KoreaAre Koreans still getting vaccinated against pox?
BellaB1307 asked 12 months ago
Hi everyone!
I’ve noticed that there are some idols and actors in their 20s and 30s that have scars from the pox vaccine. Are people in Korea still getting vaccinated against them? And are there any vaccines that are not a topic in e.g. the US or Europe anymore but in Korea?
Thank you in advance!
2 Answers
성혁 천 Staff answered 12 months ago
No, in Korea, pox is completely gone at 1993, officially.
J Staff answered 12 months ago
There is a standard national vaccination list for children. When kids enter elementary and middle school, the vaccination record is shared with schools. So when a child is missing a type of vaccination, health/medical professionals recommend the child to be vaccinated. 
Children under the age of 12 can get the following vaccination free of charge: BCG, HepB, DTap, Td, Tdap, IPV, DTap-IPV, DTaP-IPV/Hib, Hib, MMR, VAR, IJEV, LJEV, HepA, HPV, IIV.
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