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Want to Travel to Korea but Cannot Speak Korean

AskCategory: LanguageWant to Travel to Korea but Cannot Speak Korean
Sophia Tan asked 8 months ago
If my husband and I travel to Seoul, but we don’t speak the language, will we be able to go around on our own? We’re hoping to make our own itinerary and not join tours. Wondering if it is possible. 
1 Answers
Jessie answered 8 months ago
There was a similar question answered here.
Essentially if you remain within Seoul you won’t have many issues as there is a lot of English used within the city.  However if you guys plan to travel outside of Seoul you may find it more difficult.  
Learning a little bit of travel Korean will help you guys a lot! Here is a link from fluentu for some basic Korean phrases for travel. 
I hope this helps!
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