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would i be considered chubby in korea?

AskCategory: Culturewould i be considered chubby in korea?
bunnie asked 11 months ago
(ik this might sound kinda weird to ask…) 
so i heard that in korea you have to be super thin (like in the 40kgs & stuff) or else people judge you & you’re not considered that pretty even if you’re technically thin but not super skinny. don’t know if that’s thaaat accurate & just exaggerated or not cos korea has super rigid beauty standards
so anyways, i’m atm 62kgs for 173 cm (bmi 20) & a size s/m on tops & m for bottoms, i’m trying to get down to 52-55kgs though (bmi 17.5-18), so also tell me how would that would be seen
also is it true that in korea an S in america is like a L in korea, and an M a XL/XXL? 
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Danny Kim Staff answered 11 months ago

so i heard that in korea you have to be super thin (like in the 40kgs & stuff) 

Who told you that?? Maybe in the Kpop industry where there are extreme pressures on maintaining a thin figure, but by no means do regular folks around here expect such radical body standards. I mean, there might be some people that do think that way, but that is no way the norm.
We are definitely thinner on average compared to American people, partly due to just genetics and diet. However, no way would someone of your BMI be considered chubby or fat.  Also an S in America is usually an M in Korea, and an M is an L – it’s usually one size up. We aren’t smurfs ya know?
At the end of the day, it’s your body and it’s not for me to tell you what you are or what you should be. However, please do not impose unhealthy standards on yourself. Do what makes you happy and healthy. Love yourself

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