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Where did kombucha originate?

AskCategory: CultureWhere did kombucha originate?
fordtoy2000 asked 8 months ago
Where did kombucha originate? Please set the record straight, as Danny and David had a guest on DKDKTV who blatantly gave false information that kombucha originated in San Francisco, USA, in the ’60s (?). A quick Google can dispel this American non-truth, but I’d like to hear DKDK respond and clear this up as the guest on their show was very rude and adamant, overly assertive, et tête de cochon. I think DKDK deserve the space to dispel any un-truths and demystify the refreshing beverage. Thanks.
1 Answers
Danny Kim Staff answered 7 months ago
I did a quick google search – and this is what I got.
The exact origin of kombucha is uncertain, though it likely originated in China and spread with tea along the Silk Road. It is widely brewed in parts of eastern Europe, particularly in rural Russia, and is common in China and Korea.
I didn’t even know this was something that is commonly brewed in Korea, I just found out about it via Jungkook. Apparently it is.
I guess what Ryan was trying to say was it became popular in the US from SF in the 60s. Regardless, I take no offence
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