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Similarities between Tamil and Korean culture and language.

AskCategory: CultureSimilarities between Tamil and Korean culture and language.
Geetanjali asked 10 months ago

Thank you so much for answering my previous question. This question has always been on my head and I really wanted to know it from Koreans. I have noticed many similarities in language and practices or culture of Korea and India(especially Tamilnadu- a southern state in India). I wanted to know are Koreans aware of it? Are the similarities studied? I have seen many youtube videos that show the similarity between Korean and Tamil languages, sometimes culture and food are also similar. Can you possibly throw some light on it or make a video about it if you can so that it can show how people from two countries so far away from each other are so similar. Thank you so much. 
Also you can watch many youtube videos on Youtube to know more about this topic. There are videos of a Korean language professor talking about the similarities. Thank you so much once again.


1 Answers
NAKD SEOUL Danny Kim Staff answered 7 months ago
While the similarities between Korean and Tamil languages are not mainstream knowledge, it definitely has been studied in Korea. There are about 400~500 words that we share among the two languages, and has a grammar structure. The Gaya Dynasty in Korea had a lot of exchange with Tamil thanks to a royal marriage, so many scholars predict this is where there was a lot of influence between the two.
This video highlights the relationship between the two cultures exceptionally well.
replied 7 months ago

Thank you so much for answering my question Danny.😊

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