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What do Koreans think of Yoo Ah In? Is he popular?

AskCategory: CultureWhat do Koreans think of Yoo Ah In? Is he popular?
AM Z asked 8 months ago
He’s an amazing actor and critically acclaimed but I feel a bit more “underrated” internationally so I wonder how popular is he in Korea. 
Which one of his movies would you recommend?
3 Answers
Danny Kim Staff answered 8 months ago
Yoo Ah In is an extremely popular and beloved actor in Korea. He’s considered top tier in terms of his acting skills, and has a very artistic approach to choosing his roles. His filmography is very solid, I suggest you watch all his films and you will see the diverse characters he portrays.
On top of acting, he delves into many other forms of media – writing for one, he likes to write poems and some of these have been published in magazines. He has been hinting at his intentions to release a poem book the past few years.
I would recommend watching ‘The Throne’ and ‘Veteran’ for sure, and also he plays an amazing character in ‘Hellbound’. He might not be well known overseas, but he’s definitely a top star in Korea.
성혁 천 Staff answered 8 months ago
I’m not intrested in any TV shows, films. and I know who is him. He’s very popular in Korea.
I didn’t see that movie, but Veteran is most popular.
AM Z answered 8 months ago
Thank you so much for your answer! I really enjoy all of your content and this is a great idea for foreigners! Wish you guys all the best! 
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