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Are weather forecasters a highly esteemed job in Korea?

AskCategory: CultureAre weather forecasters a highly esteemed job in Korea?
cynnamon asked 9 months ago

Are Koreans really obsessed with weather forecasters, and is it a highly esteemed job? I find it interesting that they would make dramas based on this occupation. 

1 Answers
NAKD SEOUL Danny Kim Staff answered 9 months ago
It’s somewhat of a mixed bag. It’s not necessarily a ‘respected’ job, but more of one that is commonly objectified by men.
In Korea, most of the time the weather forecasters are young female freelancers. Many of them are objectified for their appearance and sometimes even have fandoms behind them. However, not many people take them seriously as part of the news crew unfortunately.
There is a very good drama featuring Gong Hyo Jin about this particular matter called ‘Don’t Dare To Dream’
She appears as a weather forecaster experiencing the news crew not taking her seriously, and telling her to ‘look more sexy’.
You should check it out as it hits pretty close to reality, according to how many of the people in the industry have been saying.
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