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Can you recommend some tattoo artists?

AskCategory: CultureCan you recommend some tattoo artists?
torralvogloria asked 7 months ago

Hi, can you recommend tattoo artists? Thanks 

1 Answers
NAKD SEOUL Danny Kim Staff answered 7 months ago

Korea is known for its skilled Tattoo artists, and there are so many new artists emerging every single day in Seoul
As a tattoo enthusiast myself, here are a few recommendations.  Sanlee
– Black and white work mostly of animals, Jay Park has gotten work from her
8282 Korea is a tattoo shop in Seoul, that does very unique hand drawn style tattoos. Absolutely love the cuteness and it has a lot of character. I recommend the artist @dj_gary78 in the tattoo shop.
EQ Tattoo you want something really special that you can’t get anywhere else, EQ Tattoo has amazing colorful tats in the style of Korean traditional paintings. It’s really one of a kind, and I’m planning to get some work done from them soon too!

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