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Sex scenes in Korean movies?

AskCategory: CultureSex scenes in Korean movies?
keirthuy asked 12 months ago

In the past few weeks, I have watched some random Korean movies just to take a break from Korean TV series and variety shows.

I was shocked to find out that these movies have some (or many) sex scenes and some of these scenes are very explicit in detail. I am not a prude it’s just that I was surprised to see these scenes since I think that (or it’s safe to say that) as of now, the general population in Korea is still very conservative. And to think that these movies were shown in the cinemas (before the pandemic) with a conservative Korean audience. Mindblown!

I’m not sure if I need to list the title of these movies HAHAHA. But I can confidently say that this is not porn. It’s a legit Korean movie.

Could anyone please share some thoughts about this?

replied 12 months ago

Wow, that’s new – not sure, is that some “special” channel? iIf anything I’d say the Kdramas/films are far from any explicit content. The extend of sex in a scene is limited to the male lead naked shoulders! (I’ve seen more than 100 titles). Same film might show how the female lead is consistently hit in anger/frustration by someone, but def no sex/explicit content.

replied 12 months ago

lol i can assure you there are plenty of korean films with very explicit content, and these are normal films but of course adult-rated. Korean films are different breed compared to most korean series, you can really see the full nudity minus the genitalia of course, it’s always artfully covered. and this is for both male and female.

replied 12 months ago

Interesting – Kfilms are indeed different from Kdrams, but still, full nudity? Never! I’m still to find a film with anything more than a random limb and a bare torso, which generally quickly gets covered. I’m sure they have porn industry&im not talking about those

replied 12 months ago

Plum Blossom, Frozen Flowers, The Scarlet Letter and Obsessed are a few films that i can remember with very racy and full nudity at least from the back but plenty frontal too. these are legit films starred by the likes of Han Suk-kyu, Bae Doona, Jo In Sung, Song Jihyo, Song Seung hoon. and let’s not forget The Handmaiden, very critically acclaimed film which also have plenty of nudity. and those are only a few, lots more.

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성혁 천 Staff answered 12 months ago
As you know Korea is conservative. I first heard that TV show, so I searched what it is. HAHAHA is available to only adult (Upper 19 yo people)
I guess that sexual movie must be only adult, probably. In Korea, kiss scene is even limited 15 years old.
The fun thing is, they restrict 19 yo things strictly, but 15 yo are not that much severe.
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